Midlife Crisis Jackpot Midlife Crisis Jackpot Midlife Crisis Jackpot
Midlife Crisis Jackpot Midlife Crisis Jackpot Midlife Crisis Jackpot
Midlife Crisis Jackpot Midlife Crisis Jackpot Midlife Crisis Jackpot

MidLife Crisis Slot

If you want to play one of the top online progressive jackpot slots, then you should consider playing Mid-Life Crisis slot. This slot is available at Casinos Dubai to play for free and at the online casino above to play for real, or should I say, for reel! It has 5 reels and 9 pay lines which give you more opportunities to win. It caters more for male players, but there is a similar slot that caters for female players, Shopping Spree slot. Mid-Life Crisis can be played at Slots Oasis casino and other Real Time Gaming casinos which offer online casino gambling to all US players.

So why does this game appeal to men more? You just need to look at the graphics while playing. The symbols are great with images of Viagra, sports cars, sexy women… in bikinis, bald men and hairpieces. Most of these, in fact, all of these symbols can be associated with men having a mid life crisis.

The best part of this game is the jackpots. There’s a “Sports Car Jackpot” where if you hit 5 sports car symbols, you get choose getting a cool sports car or the value of it in cash, $100,000!! If you don’t have a big bankroll it’s okay, because minimum bets on this slot start at $0.25 (1 credit). For the high rollers, you can be up to $100 per spin (selecting all the pay lines). To view the live jackpot ticker, you need to look at the bottom of the game. It is situated in the middle of the chips and balance. If the jackpot gets hit, it will restart at $25,000.

There are two bonus games as well in Mid-Life Crisis slot. If you hit 3 of the mid life symbols (bald man, gold chains and the toupee to name a few) the scatter bonus is triggered. The other bonus game you will need to hit 3 “lovely lady” symbols to start it. If you hit it, you get presented with “adventure ideas”. Here you have to choose the various ideas until one of the symbols turns into a comical symbol.

You need to have a good sense of humor to play this progressive slots game. Don’t take it too seriously or get offended by the graphics. It is fun and you can seriously win a lot of money.

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